Heart Centric Studios Mural

"Heart Centric" Spray Enamel and Acrylic wall painting Ezra Li Eismont 2010

I Recently finished this mural at the new Heart Centric Studios, run by my good friends Samira Sharif and Michael Gushard in Novato, California..  Check out their website to see some the the good work they are doing in the community.

Ezra Li Eismont 2010

Here is a detail of the red mandala.  The mural is primarily spray paint with some acrylic bases and glazes.

Ezra Li Eismont 2010

Ezra Li Eismont 2010

I generated the initial pattern with a homemade stencil and a pencil.  Big ups to Kim Shepard for her help getting the stencil up on the wall!

a slice that contains the whole

The last time I used these stencils was to paint the back cafe wall at Burning Man in 2003.

Ezra Li Eismont/Elizabeth Matson 2003

5 responses to “Heart Centric Studios Mural

  1. i like lots, the evolution, drawing, color, subtlety, scale and more, like a rough and ready texture? it looks to be about 32×8 ? great work work ez!


    • Thanks brendt! You are close, it is 28×8- 3 full and one half circles. The stencil makes 8’x8′ flowers. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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  3. dude,LOVE IT!

  4. really awesome,i mean can we be more in the right path or what!

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