We hope for a happier day than ours

found in an old book of photographs

I recently found this note in an old book of photographs. The text reads:

September 28, 1940

I am writing this on a pleasant autumn afternoon in my office in the Medico Dental Building.  I shall place it between the halves of a cardboard cover which I am making to cover an album of photographs.  In this album I shall paste all of the old portraits of my family and friends which I can take loose from their mountings. I shall label the pictures, or as many of them as I can.

This writing will probably lie here undiscovered for many years.  Some day when I am long gone it may be found.  The finder may be a descendant of mine.  I want him to pause and think back to this our time.

The world is at war and the great democracies are fighting for their lives against Oppression and aggression.  We hope for a happier day than ours, -a day when this war is over and when mankind can look forward to a time of peace and security.  However, darker days may come before the brighter days.

May the finder be permitted to look out upon a world which is brighter and safer and freer than ours.  Such a world can surely be built if only mankind can unite and set its mind to the task.


C.D. Holliger

2 responses to “We hope for a happier day than ours

  1. WoW! how absolutely surreal…

  2. that is amazing,we should all take something from this man and leave some sort of capsule for the next of our generations to find and learn from our mistakes!

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