Pretending to be fierce

Ezra Li Eismont/Bunnie Reiss 2010

The amazing Bunnie Reiss and myself recently finished this painting for the Gallery Heist one year anniversary show at Gallery Heist in San Francisco.  ( See it in person! Until November 27th at the Gallery Heist annex space 1036 Hyde st @ california- call gallery for hours) It was the first in our new kitten series, and the inspiration for our Lazer cats Kittenzilla mural on Divisiadero, next to the independent in San Francisco. More Kittens to come!

2 responses to “Pretending to be fierce

  1. Hi there –
    Kittenzilla is amazing, and I’m very glad to see that you posted another piece of art in the kitten series. Are prints of any of the kitten series available, or originals?


  2. We are currently working on finding a good print house to make prints, Originals of both pieces , however, are available. The kittinzilla piece is 8’x16′, and will be on display at its current location for at least two months, and then we will be looking for a permanent home for it. The pretending to be fierce piece is currently on view at Heist gallery in San Francisco, we will be taking it down this coming week and storing it or looking for a permanent home for it at that point.
    -Ezra Li

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