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Zombie Nation Art Book Kickstarter

04.nowilaymetosleep1_webZombie Nation Art Book

Greeting lovers of Zombies and Art! I’ve launched a kickstarter campaign to crowd fund a publication of my Zombie artwork! 64 pages of full color zombies for low low donation of $35! Many more custom art rewards available as well at higher donation levels! Please donate if you can, and help spread the word!

I’m a Beleiber

Kids today are easily led astray. Justin Bieber bigger than Kurt Cobain? Bigger than MICHAEL JACKSON? Well, we all know that size doesn’t matter.  It’s quality over quantity.  ALL APOLOGIES to mr Bieber, but he’s got nothing on Kurt or Michael. Methinks all of these zombies have Bieber fever.

I’m a Belieber

The Name of the Game is Rapture

The Bible Guarantees it



"Libre" sketchbook page, Gouach on paper Ezra Li Eismont 2004

Why are we so fucked up all the time?

Screw 32 7" cover

"why are we so fucked up all the time?" 7" cover pen and ink 1994

Being a record nut I have always loved doing art for records.  This is some of the first art that I did that appeared with vinyl- for Bay are group screw 32 back in 1994.  I did their logo at that time as well.