Zombie Jesus Occupy Your Mind Limited Edition Print

Zombie Jesus Occupy Your Mind Limited Edition Print

Limited to 25
available for a $25 pledge through Kickstarter through January 2nd, 4:19pm PST. Acrylic Screen Print on Rag Paper 2012


Zombie Nation Art Book Kickstarter

04.nowilaymetosleep1_webZombie Nation Art Book

Greeting lovers of Zombies and Art! I’ve launched a kickstarter campaign to crowd fund a publication of my Zombie artwork! 64 pages of full color zombies for low low donation of $35! Many more custom art rewards available as well at higher donation levels! Please donate if you can, and help spread the word!

The Death of Money

The Zombie Queen

My recent work has centered around ideas of value, worth, illusion and control.  What do we value in life, how do we create our own self worth? How do we control our own destinies and how are we steered through life by the influence of others? My zombie series is particularly influenced by these ideas.  How are we controlled and influenced by money in defining our day to day decisions on how we run our lives? The first zombies I started were the Undead Presidents – the figureheads on our currency whom we keep alive through commerce.  Then came the myriad of other souls captured by foreign nations and printed on their currency. All of these currencies are like so many puppet strings, orchestrating actions and flow of resources throughout the world. How can we break its spell and awaken from our slumber?

Exhibition of altered banknotes runs though summer of 2012 at Oakland Silver and Gold

3929 Piedmont Ave.,

Oakland, California 94611


Monday to Friday: 10AM – 6PM

Saturday: 11AM – 4PM

Closed Sundays

(510) 601-0436

I’m a Beleiber

Kids today are easily led astray. Justin Bieber bigger than Kurt Cobain? Bigger than MICHAEL JACKSON? Well, we all know that size doesn’t matter.  It’s quality over quantity.  ALL APOLOGIES to mr Bieber, but he’s got nothing on Kurt or Michael. Methinks all of these zombies have Bieber fever.

I’m a Belieber

Infinite Lion Cobra, artismobilus project

I recently completed this 8’x22′ mural for the folks over at Artismobilus for their new mobile art gallery and mobile mural bus. The infamous Crayone, Local Bay Area graffiti Legend (and fellow AS crew member) painted a fantastic Coi fish on the other side.  They will be stationed at Club 6 next thursday for the “so you think you can paint” event, as well as traveling to several other events this month and next.  Check their website, follow them on twitter and catch them on a street near you!Image

The Monsters Birthday Party

ImagePink Slime is the colloquial term used for “lean finely textured beef”, a mixture made of ground up beef trimmings, cartilage and connective tissue chemically treated with ammonium hydroxide, which helps to give it its pink color.  It is a favorite of monsters, as they love the greasy boney bits of animals that humans might find less than desirable.  Monsters will often have a pink slime feed in lieu of a birthday cake for monster birthdays, as you can see in this charming photo here. A pink slime feed is easy to achieve for your little monsters! Lay down the hop-a-long Cassidy tablecloth, pour on the pink slime and let the party begin!

This piece will be on exhibit in Brooklyn next month

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

Now I Lay me Down to Sleep – Acrylic on Strathmore Drawing paper 65”x53” framed

Ezra Li Eismont


Conan The Destroyer

Ezra Li EIsmont 2011

Conan the destroyer – Acrylic on Arches watercolor paper 65”x53” framed

On Display at SPACE GALLERY until January 7th, 2012

Guide Us Through the Starry Night

Guide Us through the Starry Night

(Obambo/At Your Service/ Conan the Destroyer) Sizes Variable

Ezra Li Eismont


On view at SPACE GALLERY unitl January 7th 2012.


Ezra Li Eismont 2011

The King is dead! Long live the King!

MJ Isded – Acrylic on Arches Watercolor paper 65”x53” framed

Ezra Li Eismont 2011

on display at SPACE GALLERY until January 7 2012