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"beatty" Acrylic on vintage photo postcard, Ezra Li Eismont 2010


"clyde" Acrylic on vintage photo postcard, Ezra Li Eismont 2010


"Galaher" Acrylic and ink on vinatge photograph, Ezra Li Eismont 2010


"Pinky" Acrylic on vintage photograph, Ezra Li Eismont 2010

Just married

"Just Married" acrylic on photo, Ezra LI Eismont 2010


"Flora" Acrylic on photograph 2010

Mr Bird Sings

"Mr Bird Sings" Mixed Media Panel on panel 24"x48", Ezra Li Eismont 2008

The Surf Monkies must live forever

"The Surf Monkied Must Live Forever" Mixed Media on Canvas, 24"x36" Ezra Li Eismont 2000

The Surf Monkey was our mascot for Vulcan Radio back in the radio days, 1999-2002.  This was painted during that period.


"Executioner" Acrylic, spray enamel and ink on wood panel

Runs on the souls of innocents!  With a hot tub in the back! Ceramic body armor and satellite internet!  has its own wi-fi cloud!

AS 2300 Multi-Dimensional Bass Bot

"AS 2300 Multi-Dimensional Bass Bot" Acrylic and Ink on wood panel 12"x12" Ezra Li Eismont 2009

The AS 2300 Multi-Dimensional sound system  is a fully equipped multi dimensional party robot.  The unique dj workstation in the chest of the AS 2300 allows the user to interface seamlessly into sonic creation in the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th Dimensions!