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3A_Citipati.JPG“Citipati – In Death We Dance”

Ezra Li Eismont

2004 acrylic and spray enamel on canvas

approximately 10′ x 12′

Mr Bird Sings

"Mr Bird Sings" Mixed Media Panel on panel 24"x48", Ezra Li Eismont 2008

Zombie Jesus

Zombie Jesus

"Zombie Jesus" Spray enamel stencil and serigraph on paper, Ezra Li Eismont 2009

Everyones favorite O.Z. (Original Zombie).


"Kalifornia" Acrylic and collage on wood 2001

Greetings from the edge of the world and the end of time! I did this one back in 2001.  Acrylic and newspaper images for 9/11/01 on wood.

In Death we Dance

"In Death we dance" Ezra Li Eismont 2004 acrylic on canvas 8'x10'