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Mr Bird Sings

"Mr Bird Sings" Mixed Media Panel on panel 24"x48", Ezra Li Eismont 2008

Friends Forever

Friends Forever

"Friends Forever" Spray Enamel Stencil and Serigraph on paper, Ezra Li Eismont 2009

Zombie Marilyn

Zombie Mariyln

"Zombie Mariyln" Spary enamel and Serigraph on Paper, Ezra Li Eismont 2009

We don’t let the famous die, their image lives on and does the dark magicians bidding.  Such is the after life of a celebrity Zombie.

Zombie Jesus

Zombie Jesus

"Zombie Jesus" Spray enamel stencil and serigraph on paper, Ezra Li Eismont 2009

Everyones favorite O.Z. (Original Zombie).

Michael Jackson and E.T.

Music Unites us

"MJET" part of a stencil silkcreen series from 2008/2009. Ezra Li Eismont, Spray enamel and acrylic ink on plywood.

I made about 10 of these with different color ways.  They have all moved onto other people walls- I don’t even have one myself! ah, such is life. Michael and ET, what a dynamic duo.