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"Composite Zombi" Mixed media on Panel, Ezra Li Eismont 2009

Many Thanks to Monk Daddy Romero for adding this one to his personal Collection.

Zombie Nation

installation at Boneflowers vintage, 1747 polk st, SF Ezra Li Eismont 2010

Here’s a photo montage of the installation at boneflowers vintage, up for the month of April.  If you are in San Francisco check it out. Bone Flowers vintage is located at 1747 Polk st, between washington and clay in the Nob Hill district of San Francisco. Check their website for detailed store hours, though they are generally open noon til 7pm.


Zombie Hamilton

Zombie Hamilton

"Zombie Hamilton" Spray enamel and serigraph on arches silkscreen paper

Zombie Lincoln

Zombie Lincoln

"Zombie Lincoln" Ezra Li Eismont 2009 spray paint and seriagraph print on arches silkscreen paper